Employment Law

I provide advice and representation to both employees and employers. Loss of employment is costly and stressful. Being threatened with litigation is stressful. I offer affordable, efficient, and compassionate legal advice and representation to individuals and organizations facing employment disputes.

Business Disputes

I represent individuals and corporations in partnership and business disputes. While I primarily litigate on behalf of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, my unique skills are particularly helpful where a dispute crosses the Canada-US border. I can help you figure out which law applies and which jurisdiction and forum makes the most sense if litigation becomes necessary. I also routinely consult with lawyers on both sides of the border when their cases involve a cross-border component.

Consumer Rights

I represent consumers who have been harmed by false advertising, dangerous products, hidden fees, and and illegal or fraudulent services. I am passionate about consumer rights and love to do these cases both for individuals and in class actions.

You can see some of my past cases here.


I am committed to providing affordable legal services for individuals and small businesses. I offer competitive rates, detailed budgets and estimates, and in some cases, project-based billing instead of traditional hourly rates. Contact me here or call 415.712.3026 to discuss.