Cross-Border Litigation

I provide procedural and strategic advice for US-Canada cross-border litigation, as well as local counsel services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Legal Research and Writing

I support busy litigators by providing cost-effective, high caliber legal writing and up-to-the-minute legal and factual research. This includes:

  • drafting pleadings, motion papers, appellate briefs/factums, declarations, and affidavits;
  • researching and providing memoranda on discrete legal issues and on overall strategy for complex cases;
  • producing annotated lists of relevant cases on any issue, with case summaries and citations;
  • compiling and analyzing legislative history; and
  • assisting with articles for publication and PowerPoint presentations for continuing education seminars, conferences, and client pitches.

Background Research and Fact Investigation

I provide:

  • targeted research on corporations and other entities, including asset searches, litigation history, regulatory filings, and public relations history;
  • background memos on judges, expert witnesses, and corporations for lawyers preparing for trial; and
  • research memos on technical, business, and medical issues to assist lawyers with assessing prospective cases and developing case strategy.

Discovery Support

I provide transcript summaries for depositions/examinations for discovery and trial, and I review documents for complex litigation matters.

Here is a selection of my past cases.


I offer competitive pricing and, in some cases, project-based billing as an alternative to traditional hourly fee models. Contact me here or call 415.712.3026 to discuss.